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When every second counts, The Cut N Go gets you out quickly and safely thanks to one of its most unique features.

One of the most common issues with standard seat belt cutters is the user can never keep the seat belt straight – it’s always curling up on them. The Cut N Go has a self-enclosed feature that will always keep the seat belt rigid which makes cutting easy!

The Cut N Go is THE ONLY device of its kind that allows you to cut the belt without allowing that belt to curl. Curling is a major issue with similar products. Cut N Go holds the belt flat cutting the belt easily making sure you get out of your vehicle quickly!

The Cut N Go is also a fully self enclosed device, making it completely childproof because the blade inside will never be seen by you or your children. You won’t see it when you buy it, during installation or during or after use.

The Cut N Go has smooth rounded edges which cannot scratch or otherwise harm your kids or your clothes. It is safe around your Sunday Best or even your Wedding Dress.