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The Cut N Go Seat Belt Cutter may look like other tools you have seen on the market, but it’s nowhere close!

This tool is going to set the standard for ALL tools of its kind. Here’s how and why.

Unique Features
  • The Cut N Go Seat Belt Cutter is a complete car safety system. It’s available to you at all times if and when you need it. Not in the trunk, not under your seat, not in the glove box or even outside your car. Once installed, The Cut N Go is on your seat belts forever!
  • The Cut N Go gives every person inside a vehicle a chance to escape if they are trapped inside for any reason. It’s the only tool in the world that can provide escape to everyone inside a vehicle, all at once and within a moment’s notice.
  • The Cut N Go will undergo third party testing. That means the people doing the testing are not affiliated with the manufacturer of this tool in any way. In fact, that third party has no direct relation to any part of the creation of this tool. It’s the only way to assure our buyers that what we are saying about our product is TRUE.
Impressive, right? We’re just getting started.

The Cut N Go has a PVD coated blade. PVD stands for Physical Vapor Disposition which means the coating on this blade will be protected against extreme elements that would corrode or wear down a standard uncoated blade. You could live in a rain forest (high humidity) or right on the California beach (exposure to salt water effects) for decades and our blade will work like new. You never have to worry about The Cut N Go failing, it works every time!

When you purchase the Cut N Go, you will receive a Rescue Sticker which will be placed on one of the windows of your vehicle. That sticker will alert First Responders and Good Samaritan’s alike, that your vehicle is equipped with the one-of-a-kind Cut N Go. They can get you out quickly and safely in case of emergency.

Speaking of First Responders, the makers of The Cut N Go have started a First Responders Rescue Campaign that will be integrated into our product launch. We take pride in our commitment to Emergency Services Personnel therefore, for every 2 Cut N Go family packs ordered, a third one will be donated to the First Responder of your choice. YOU and your family members will be able to contribute to the safety of others through this fundraising campaign and there is NO EXTRA COST to you, to participate.

The Cut N Go is THE ONLY locked on, self enclosed, manually guided, childproof, seat belt cutter in the industry. It is the most convenient, fastest and most accessible seat belt cutter out there.

In the time it would take you to reach for another tool that might perform similarly, the Cut N Go is already done – and you are safely on your way to escaping from further harm. Plus, every Cut n Go comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Now that you know all about it – you can be one of the first to get it for yourself. Just sign up for notifications related to our product launch on December 4th. Imagine what a FANTASTIC Holiday gift the Cut N Go would be for everyone who is important to you. You would be giving a loved one peace of mind. They would know that if they are ever in that unthinkable situation – trapped inside a vehicle – they have the one tool that can give them the best chance to escape to safety, as quickly as possible.