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For any victim of a crash or anyone stuck in a vehicle with a jammed seat belt, an inventor may have an answer: Cut N Go.

Whether your vehicle is fully autonomous, semi-autonomous or not, if you crash, help can be close by.

For any victim of a crash or anyone stuck in a vehicle with a jammed seat belt, an inventor may have an answer.

Windsor Township resident Stephen P. Souders, owner and president of Discovery Homes Inc., Maxatawny Township, believes a new design of seat belt cutter he created and is bringing to the market will allow people to free themselves when they become trapped in a vehicle.

In 2016, Souders watched a newscast showing a policeman rescuing someone stranded in a vehicle in the water.

“That’s why I didn’t wear my seat belt,” he said. “I was scared of getting trapped. Your car becomes your coffin.”

Souders explained that he went right to his table and started drawing, claiming the design and the logo for his invention, the Cut N Go seat belt cutter, just came into his head.

“I always say God gave it to me,” Souders said. “It’s so radically different. I held true to what he put in my mind.”

Describing the seat belt cutters popular several years ago as glorified envelope openers that allowed the seat belt to curl, making it difficult to cut the fabric, Souders said the bulky design also relegated cutters to the glove box or console to prevent them from becoming projectiles in an accident.

Seat Belt Cutter Allows People to Free Themselves

The Cut-N-Go is advertised on Souders’ website,, as a childproof, locked-on and self-enclosed seat-belt cutter. Souders confirms that his U.S. patent is only months from approval.

“When you sell your car, it goes on with it,” he said of the new device.

The seat-belt cutter snaps onto the seat belt, and slides down the belt near the buckle, appearing to be part of the seat-belt apparatus. When anyone needs to cut the belt, a concealed lever can be easily lifted that activates a stainless-steel blade.

“It can only cut one way: right through the belt,” Souders said. “It can’t deviate from it. All four people can get out of the car at the same time.”

Souders included a window breaking tip that is also revealed when The-Cut-N-Go is activated.

“It’s the sharpest in the industry,” he said. “The glass falls right down beside the door.”

He includes small window stickers to apply to the corners of the vehicles’ windows marking where they are easiest to crack.

Production of the invention is planned to start this November in the Philadelphia area, and Souders confirms that the cutters will be completely manufactured in the U.S. of materials unaffected by heat, cold and dampness, with independent testing to ensure consistency in the quality of each piece.

Seat Belt Cutter Allows People to Free Themselves

To encourage his customers to share the stories of how they used The Cut N Go in emergency situations, Souders plans to offer lifetime replacements for people who enter their experiences on his website.

“Anything that has a seat belt in it should have the Cut N Go,” he said. “If you need it, you better hope it’s there.”

View the original article written by Karen L. Chandler at The Reading Eagle.