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Hunting Cut N Go – 5 Pack


Hunters that hunt from tree stands know that the four point harness is the way to go to be safe. That is still true. However, there are some hazards to be prepared for if you end up dangling from your harness. If you should slip and fall and cannot get back on your stand or to the ground, you can get Suspension Trauma, or Hanging Harness Syndrome. Don’t leave home without the hunting Cut N Go!

The Cut N Go is the the only locked on, self enclosed, manually guided, child proof, window breaker & seatbelt cutter in the industry today.   Mounted on a 2” wide seat belt this can quickly cut your belt and get you out of harms way.  Applications include motorsport, UTV, truck, car, hot rod, military, ETM, Fire, Police, and any emergency situation trapped due to fire, flooding, etc.

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The Cut N Go dispels nightmares for millions of people worldwide; becoming trapped in any vehicle with the threat of submerging in water, burning alive, or being unable to save family members from similar fates.

The world’s first seatbelt-cutting, life-saving device is locked-on, self-enclosed, manually-guided, and childproof. The Cut N Go: “it’s where you need it when you need it.”

Incredibly easy and attractive, Cut N Go operates from any position, using either hand, by adults, seniors, and children.  Passengers can free themselves together with Cut N Go installed and ready on each seat belt.

No more cutter of the past, those glorified envelope cutters let seat belts curl, becoming almost impossible to cut, with seconds ticking by while vehicles fill with water or fires spread.

To ensure a safe escape from vehicles in trouble, the Cut N Go has one of the sharpest window-cutting points available on the market, self-enclosed and ready to use when the seat belt cutter has been engaged.  It’s easy to strike the window and escape tragedy!

Window stickers included with Cut N Go notify emergency responders that Cut N Go is installed, ready, and poses no fear of injury from larger cutters that are awkward and risk injuring victims.

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