The Cut N Go

THE ONLY Locked On, Self-Enclosed, Manually Guided, Child Proof Seat Belt Cutter.


Easy Installation

Locks on forever and child proof

Fits On Any Seat Belt

Always there when you need it

Easy To Use

Just Lift, Pull, and Break

Made In The USA

Proud to Be American









Never Be Trapped in an Accident!

The Cut N Go is a childproof safety device that cuts your seat belt safely and quickly if you are in an accident.

The Latest News

The Cut N Go Seat Belt Cutter: 4 Exclusive Features

The Cut N Go Seat Belt Cutter is the best tool of its kind and these 4 features make it totally unique and ONE-OF-A-KIND! Locked On Installation of the Cut N Go is truly simple. Teenagers, Seniors, Ladies and even guys who are not handy, can install the...

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The Cut N Go: What Makes It The Best of Its Kind

The Cut N Go Seat Belt Cutter may look like other tools you have seen on the market, but it's nowhere close! This tool is going to set the standard for ALL tools of its kind. Here’s how and why.   Unique Features The Cut N Go Seat Belt Cutter is a complete...

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Seat Belt Cutter Allows People to Free Themselves

For any victim of a crash or anyone stuck in a vehicle with a jammed seat belt, an inventor may have an answer: Cut N Go. Whether your vehicle is fully autonomous, semi-autonomous or not, if you crash, help can be close by. For any victim of a crash or anyone stuck in...

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Always There When You Need It!

Other tools can’t be found when you need them but The Cut N Go is always right where you need it. Securely locked directly onto your seat belt, The Cut N Go will always get you out safely and quickly!

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